Jan 17, 2010

Corus 2010, Group A: Nakamura Prevails in Najdorf

In the second round, three games are still underway in the A Group, but Nakamura and Carlsen have already come through with the full point. Carlsen played Smeets and won off the white side of the Botvinnik variation of the Semi-Slav, so as you might expect there's much to see there. But first, Nakamura beats van Wely in a Najdorf when the latter chooses 7... Nbd7 over 7...Be7 or 7... Qb6.


  1. Hiya,

    What happened in the last few moves before move 40 between Carlsen and Smeets?
    I kept on seeing that they had both run out of time, but they played on regardless.

    and have you ever seen Carlsen in time trouble? It must have been fascinating to watch then in that Zeitnot.

    Jo Deane

  2. Smeets blundered with 32...b5? Carlsen took it home for the point from there. It'll be interesting to hear from Carlsen how much he saw at that point. I'm not sure where you were following the game, but if it was at Chessdom, the clocks aren't reliable. I'm less sure about PlayChess.