Oct 22, 2010

USCF Election 2011

I will run again for election for the USCF Executive Board in 2011.  Three seats are open, each having a three-year term.  I'd like to begin the 2011 campaign by quoting two former USCF Presidents from the past couple of days:

Postby redman on Thu Oct 21, 2010 1:14

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Some may be surprised at the following.

I support enthusiastically Gary Walters in his bid for reelection to the Executive Board.

We were on completely opposite sides on the FIDE question in Irvine, but open and honest disagreement has never bothered me. Gary is exactly the kind of person we need on our EB.


Tim Redman

by CHESSDON on Fri Oct 22, 2010

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It seems to me we have some very good candidates including the three rollovers from the current board. One candidate I will definitely vote for and would like to see as a possible future president is Gary Walters!

Don Schultz

Oct 19, 2010

Resumption of Blog

Life's twists and turns have taken me away from this blog for the past 90 days.  I plan to return with a once- or twice-a-week posting(s) on November 1.  The focus will be more than ever on opening theory from the perspective of correspondence play.  I'm presently a 2420 ICCF-rated player, hopefully still on the rise.  I'm currently ranked 13th in the U.S. (October 2010 USCF correspondence chess top 100), and I'm the 2009 USCF Absolute co-champ.  I've played more than 300 correspondence games since 2007, and hopefully have something to write worth reading.  Best, -Gary