Jan 28, 2010

Chess Metaphors: Artificial Intelligence and the Human Mind

Diego Rasskin-Gutman has written a book by the title of this post. The work has been translated from the Spanish by Deborah Klosky. MIT Press, 205 pp., $24.95. I have included the book in the Amazon scroll of books in the right margin. I haven't read the book, but I intend to. Garry Kasparov, however, has reviewed the book for The New York Review of Books, and if the book is as interesting as the review, it should be good.  One point that comes through from Kasparov is that the best computer minds engaged with the game of chess have been driven by financial gain and they have accordingly taken the path of least resistance in creating better chess software.  Kasparov's point would seem to be that the focus has been upon the incrementalism of brute strength gains made by modern computers, with little concern for innovation or anything that might pass for real artificial intelligence, and which might translate to any human endeavor other than chess.

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