Jan 30, 2010

Anand Flexes A Little at Corus: Petroff's Defense

Kramnik has been in good form, so it's a bit of a surprise when he crashes behind the wheel of a Petroff. Tip of the hat to Anand, who got just the kind of game and result he needed here at the end of Corus and in preparation for Topalov (not that we'll see the opening again in the World Championship). Up to now, it's been a pretty lackluster performance by the World Champion, even if perhaps excusable. So, Carlsen is in command going into the final day--nothing new there. Tomorrow, though, will be young Caruana's biggest day as a chess player thus far. He has the black pieces in the last round of one of the world's finest chess tournaments, and the world number 1 will be playng to win on the other side. Play well--the world is watching!

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