Jan 12, 2010

North American Invitational Championship: Kristo Miettinen

The following is posted on the ICCF-US website:

Kristo Miettinen Wins 11th NAICCC

IM Kristo Miettinen has clinched first place in the Eleventh North American Invitational Correspondence Chess Championship (NAICCC) with a score of 10½/14 (+7-0=7). All play in this tournament is not yet complete, but his total cannot be equaled. This score in a fifteen player field of category V means that he has exceeded the SIM Norm by ½-point. With the help of this result, Kristo has raised his ICCF rating to 2356, good enough to tie for 55th place on the USA list of active players. By his own admission, this is Kristo’s finest correspondence chess result to date. This major national event included players from the US, Canada, and Mexico. The NAICCC, as in the past, served as a zonal championship, thus Kristo has earned an entry to a World Correspondence Chess Championship Final. This is a most exclusive event, and a great honor for Kristo. The crosstable can be accessed at: 11th NAICCC Crosstable .

On a personal note Kristo is one of a handful of players who contribute greatly to keeping all the ICCF-US wheels attached and rolling. Kristo, thank you, and congratulations!

Corky Schakel, ICCF-US Secretary


  1. I believe that Miettinen has qualified for a World Championship semi-final section, not the final. From the ICCF website:

    1.2.2 The following will reach a full qualification to enter a semi-final...(f) The two top finishers from the acknowledged Zonal Championships of the tournament Category IV to VI with 13 or less players (with 14 or more players: top three)