Jan 27, 2010

Corus 2010: Carlsen Ventures a Catalan Against Kramnik

Perhaps too much has been made of Kramnik's play in this game.  As I was checking in on commentary yesterday, I had the impression that the play had been one sided.  Maybe the mistake was mine.  This was actually a hard fought game, in which Carlsen had the audacity to roll out the Catalan against Kramnik.  If Kramnik is known for one opening, it's probably the Berlin for obvious reasons.  But if we were to choose the opening he should be known for, it's likely the Catalan.  So perhaps Carlsen's choice of openings in this game is about an attempt to score both a moral and a tournament victory.  In any event, Kramnik certainly displayed why he's an expert in the Catalan.  Note, though, that Carlsen's blunder at move 35 does not come in the face of imminent defeat.  After 35.Qd2, White just may be okay, although some of the defense has a computeresque feel to it.  (Who better than Carlsen for that?) 

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