Jan 8, 2010

ICCF-US Top 50 List

The below was posted on the ICCF-US site yesterday. Please see the ICCF-US site for additional information about US correspondence play at the international level.

ICCF-US Top 50 Rating List Updated

Using the latest ICCF ELO (player rating) lists [effective 1 January 10], Bob Rizzo ICCF-US Titles Officer has compiled the latest ICCF-US Top 50 Rated Active Players list. A few players have dropped out due to inactivity making some room for a few new names in the top 50. Congratulations and welcome to the top 50!

#46 Grayling V. Hill
#47 Gary Walters
#48 Gilbert P. Drysdale
#49 IM Erik Osbun
#50 Daniel M. Horwitz

Hans Berliner: 5th Correspondence Chess World Champion (1965) and top US player for many years.

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