Jan 11, 2010

Corus 2010: Hikaru?

Corus 2010 is about to begin in Wijk aan Zee, Netherlands. Hats off to the Dutch sponsors and organizers of this event. The name has become synonymous with high quality chess. The start date is January 15. Will this be Hikaru's breakout tournament?

Grandmaster Ggroup A

GMMagnus CarlsenNOR28101Photo
GMViswanathan AnandIND27903Photo
GMVladimir KramnikRUS27884Photo
GMVassily IvanchukUKR27498Photo
GMPeter LekoHUN273912Photo
GMAlexei ShirovSPA272320Photo
GMSergey KarjakinRUS272021Photo
GMLeinier DominguezCUB271225Photo
GMHikaru NakamuraUSA270828Photo
GMNigel ShortENG269638Photo
GMFabiano CaruanaITA267551Photo
GMSergey TiviakovNED266262Photo
GMJan SmeetsNED265773Photo
GMLoek van WelyNED2641104Photo

Average rating: 2719
Category: 19

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