Dec 29, 2009

USCF Special Election 2010: What the USCF Should Be Doing

I posted the below on the USCF Issues forum earlier today. My comments are somewhat out of context, as I generally don't want to post comments by others made on that restricted site here on this open site. The core content of my comments comes through nevertheless. I encourage anyone who has an interest in the election process to sign into the USCF Issues forum and have a read. You need only be a USCF member.

I feel compelled to interject, somewhat off topic. I'm pleased to have Bill Goichberg's support. I'd also be pleased to have the support of Joe Lux and Harry Payne. As for slates, I'm about as independent as they come. I have no connection to USCF politics, or more generally, chess politics, other than jumping in during the process last year to voice my opinion about the last election. Should this experience work out, both in terms of the election and the year of service, I will also plan to run in the next election. The only agenda I have is the game. Foremost to all of the below is a stable and capable EB. If that comes without me, I'll be just fine and so will chess.

1. Rank & file tournament experience.
2. Rating system.
3. Growth (members and chess knowledge).
4. Philanthropic support. (501(c)(3)?)
5. National chess information.
6. Infrastructure for professional support: players, teachers, directors/organizers.

Harry, I wasn't sure about your statement above. Please know that "Grayson" whom you've said you're supporting, and "Gary Walters," whom Bill G. has said he is supporting, are one in the same. Grayson is a handle that Gary Walters (me) has used on various chess sites for a long time; however, I would put out the caution that there are "Graysons" that aren't Gary Walters.

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