Dec 6, 2009

Chess Improvement: Pattern Recognition / Endgames

The endgame pattern is tougher to see than that in the the previous post, but the pattern is essential to understanding the position and many others like it. White is up a pawn and Black is faced with a difficult defense to hold the game. Through a little pattern recognition, he sacs the Knight for a much easier route through to the draw.

Note that White can save the h-pawn, but it doesn't matter: 1.dxe6 fxg3 2.Bxe4 Kxe6 3.Kd4 g2 4.Bxg2 Kf5 5.Bf3 Ke6 6.Bg4+ Kf7 7.Ke4 and there's no way to prevent the Black King from controlling h8, the promotion square. This Rook pawn and wrong-colored Bishop endgame arises often.

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