Dec 13, 2009

London Chess Classic: Carlsen Again; Nakamura Falls With White

In a brutal display of accuracy, Carlsen pushed Ni Hua off the board after Ni Hua ducked the Najdorf with 3.Bb5. See the game below. McShane had better luck against Nakamura with the King's Indian than against Carlsen, and he took the whole point. The other two games ended in draws. 


1GMCarlsen, MagnusNOR2801 1½½1  1112913
7GMMcShane, Luke JENG26150 ½1  1072718
8GMHowell, David W LENG2597½½   ½½½52719
3GMNakamura, HikaruUSA2715½0  ½½½ 42625
6GMNi, HuaCHN26650  ½ ½½032590
5GMAdams, MichaelENG2698  ½½½ ½½52691
4GMShort, Nigel DENG2707 0½½½½  42586
2GMKramnik, VladimirRUS277201½ 1½  82747

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