Dec 1, 2009

USCF 2010 Absolute Correspondence Chess Tournament

Alex Dunne has announced in the December "The Check is in the Mail" that he is accepting bids for the 2010 USCF Absolute. Click USCF Home, Activties & Interests, Correspondence Chess, CC News & Alex Dunne Columns, or follow this link. See the qualifications below and send Alex an email to let him know ("bid") that you want to play. Alex's message:

"At the end of this month (approximately) the yearly ratings for CC players will come out. At that time, I will be selecting the highest-rated applicants to the 2010 Absolute. There will be a $500 prize fund (Thanks to Keith Rodriguez, Abe Wilson, Robert Rizzo, David Sogin, Corky Schakel, and Joan DuBois!). If your rating is over 2200, send in your bid to be accepted as one of the thirteen Absolute players for 2010. No entry fee!"

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