Dec 10, 2009

John Hillery Almost Endorses Gary Walters

The below is from John Hillery's Western Chess Blog. See Neverending Story. I don't know John other than by his posts on the USCF's Issues Forum, and at Western Chess. From those, I think I can safely say that John is irrascible, curmudgeonly, stubborn, and highly opinionated. He's also smart, and as far as I can tell, cares deeply about the game. I respect him and his enormous contribution to chess. I'm taking John's comments as pretty high praise.

"The USCF has issued a call for nominations for a special EB election to fill the positions formerly held by Susan Polgar and Paul Truong. Personally I think five is already too many Board members, but perhaps the EB wanted to close off any chance of P&T making a comeback (dig a hole, fill it up). So far the only announced candidate is Gary Walters of Ohio. He's an active Class A player (well, he took off from 1994 to 2007, but never mind) and correspondence player. He's also a lawyer, whose USCF Forum posts on the Polgar litigation were unusual in that venue for showing good sense. Whether I will vote for him depends on who else is running. Very likely Sam Sloan will slither from under his rock and run again; whether I will vote for him will not depend on who else is running."

John updated his remarks here in this blog. You can see for yourself in the comments to my 3d Candidates Statement above, or save the time--here is the comment:

John Hillery said...
Gary, although I've had no more to say about the election since the irascible and curmudgeonly post you quoted earlier, I've been favorably impressed by your qualifications and campaign statements. I don't agree with you on every issue, but I plan to vote for you, and would do so even if the alternative weren't the egregious Sloan. Good luck.

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