Dec 15, 2009

London Chess Classic: A Barn Burner

Carlsen and Kramnik went one-two at the London Chess Classic as expected. Magnus missed a win and then had to scramble to hold the game against Short. There was plenty of drama over the final few minutes, and when the smoke cleared there were only a pair of Kings left standing. The game can be seen at Chessdom. Howell was impressive as he didn't lose a game and finished above .500 even though he was seeded last. The tournament scoreboard wasn't kind to McShane, but you have to like his fight, and it was just a disappointing tournament for Nakamura and Short, who were the only two to not win a game.

1GMCarlsen, MagnusNOR2801 1½½1½½113
7GMMcShane, Luke JENG26150 ½100107
8GMHowell, David W LENG2597½½ ½1½½½9
3GMNakamura, HikaruUSA2715½0½ ½½½½6
6GMNi, HuaCHN2665010½ ½½06
5GMAdams, MichaelENG2698½1½½½ ½½9
4GMShort, Nigel DENG2707½0½½½½ 05
2GMKramnik, VladimirRUS277201½½1½1 12

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