Jun 20, 2010

Trompowsky: Nigel tromps Chuck in Havana

The Trompowsky is the bane of those who like to work things out from home.  What to do?  No less than 8 moves have been played by players rated over 2400 against the Trompowsky.  Here they are:

1.  Ne4  10261  53.8%
2.  e6      8441   54.4%
3.  d5      5599   53.6%
4.  c5      3863   50.6%
5.  g6      3093   57.3%
6.  d6      865     56.7%
7.  c6      488     50.9%
8.  h6      261     64.2%

Ivanchuk plays the principled move, 2...Ne4, and then takes the game off the heavily beaten path with 7...Qf5.  After 12 moves Black has exactly one pawn advanced as far as the 3rd rank.  White has a tremendous space advantage, but his army his scattered.  The game ultimately reduces to a Bishop and three pawns versus two Bishops, and with the draw in hand Short plays 37.Bg2?? ending the day.