Jun 17, 2010

Market Street Chess: San Francisco

Please see Chris Torres' open letter to Mayor Newsom of San Francisco respecting the closing down of Market Street (outdoor) chess.  I noticed this was also mentioned on Kevin Spragget's blog, where you can find a copy of Chris's letter as well.  I'd be interested to hear other comments on this decision.  At first blush, it seems rather odd to target a board game that has a long tradition of being played outdoors in major cities.  Here's the comment left by Chris on this blog.  Thanks, Chris.

chessmusings said...

Gary,  I hope you are successful in the current USCF election. The United States Chess Federation needs more individuals with impressive credentials and an honest passion for chess. Please consider referring your readers to my "Open Letter to Mayor Newsom Post." The city of San Francisco has shut down the legendary Market Street chess games and this decision needs to be reversed.

Sincerely, Chris Torres
June 16, 2010 11:01 PM