Apr 19, 2010

World Championship: Match Delayed?

For reasons unknown, Iceland is attempting to delay the start of the World Championship match between Anand and Topalov scheduled to start on Wednesday.  The country is spewing vast amounts of volcanic ash over most of Europe and has managed to bring the airlines to a standstill with the help of Europe's transportation authorities.  Anand is reportedly still some substantial distance from Sofia, and he's not likely to be flying there in the next day or two.  One can imagine the difficulties of trying to find alternative transportation at such a time, but the word is that he's trying.  Anand has invoked the force majeure provision of his contract (clauses that provide performance relief in the event of natural disasters), asking for a three day delay.  The organizers aren't too keen on the prospect (see below).  We should all be looking forward to hearing from Topalov's team, if we haven't already. 

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