Apr 27, 2010

World Championship: Anand Bounces Back in Round 2 (Anand 1 : Topalov 1)

So, Anand bounced back in game 2, and the way he did so should be worrisome to Topalov. Anand avoided Topalov's home preparation and then outplayed him from what was probably a sligtly inferior position. The move to pay attention to is 15.Qa3. At bottom, it's just two games and too early for a lot of generalization.

On another note, do you find Topalov's unilateral decision to invoke the Sofia Rule in this match annoying? I confess that I do. The Sofia Rule requires draw offers to go through the arbiter, with granting based only upon repetition, perpetual, or theoretically drawn positions. I like the fighting spirit, but there are other ways to accomplish the end rather than by imposing a condition without agreement. The gesture strikes me as clumsy. It will be interesting to see how his decision plays out. I doubt that Anand will be intimidated. In fact, it might be more intimidating to have one's draw offers declined at the board.

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