Apr 15, 2010

Caro-Kann 101: Classical

What to do against 1.e4 c6?  The Classical variation of the Caro-Kann is the line players of 1.e4 come back to when other tries against the Caro-Kann require rehab, and it's the logical first try.  The moves below through White's 10th have been played several thousand times.  These moves are overwhelmingly the main line of the Classical variation.  While there may be minor variations along the way, the heavy duty theory starts at Black's 10th: 10...Ngf6 (below), 10...e6 (the major choice), and 10...Qc7.  In the game below, White takes the King to the queenside, which is a result of one of the more important choices to be made in the main line. 


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