Nov 24, 2009

Openings of Interest

In selecting games to take a look at here, I typically explore for games involving openings in which I have a current interest. Here's what the repertoire looks like at the moment.

As Black, against 1.e4, I'm playing the Najdorf and Sveshnikov (as far as White will cooperate), and I obviously have to chase down a bunch of Anti-Sicilians. Those I worry about most are the Rossolimo and Moscow (the 3.Bb5 complex), the c3 Sicilian, and the various versions of the Grand Prix. I see all three of these with some routine even in correspondence chess.

As Black, against 1.d4, I've been one of those die-hard Semi-Slav players. My sense is that the Semi-Slav is less popular in correspndence chess than in OTB, but I'll take a look statistically soon. The general notion is that if you want to unbalance the game, you have to play 1...Nf6. I won't argue. I've played more than a few games in the Meran, the Moscow, the Anti-Moscow, and what I call the Bayonet (the Shabalov-Shirov Gambit). I've even trotted out a Botvinnik variation, although I don't recommend it in correspondence. I will play the Budapest OTB, and I've played the King's Indian, Nimzo, and Gruenfeld.

I usually play 1...e5 against the English.

As White, I play most mainline openings in correspondence, led by the Scotch, Ruy Lopez, all manner of 1.d4, and an occasional 1.c4. I will play the Bishops Opening and Center Game OTB (and once in a great while in correspondence). I have opened several times with 1.Nf3, but usually with an eye toward transposition. I will play the Advance against the Caro-Kann (and I've played more than a few Panov-Botvinnik Attacks), the Open Sicilians, both 3.Nc3 and the Tarrasch against the French (and even an occasional Schlechter (3.Bd3)), classically as far as possible against the Pirc-Modern, and just about anything against the Alekhine's, including the Glek Four Knights, the Scotch Four Knights, the Modern, and the Chase.

So, these are the openings I'll be taking a look at most of the time. I haven't closed the door on much.

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