May 27, 2010

Topalov Criticizes Anand

The full interview is at Chessdom, but the gist of it is that Anand shouldn't be proud of receiving help from Kasparov, as Kasparov humiliated Anand for many years. This last point isn't self evident to me, and really needs some explanation.

Topalov has also stated that Anand has failed to put together a team to advance the game, something for which he is responsible as World Champion. Unsaid, but evident, is that Topalov, through Danailov, feels that he has put together such a team. All in all, it's a rather typical Topalov interview, but in fairness, Topalov gives Anand kudos for being a complete chess player, one who's won the WC in all formats and is also one of the world's best speed and blindfold players.

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