May 15, 2010

Sveshnikov 101: 9.Nd5 (positional line)...11...Rb8

The interesting moves in this game are first 11...Rb8, which largely defines the line of the Sveshnikov played here, and then 21.Nb4, the novelty in the game. All the moves prior to Nb4 are well known theory. Ragozenko, in The Sveshnikov Reloaded, looks at 21.Rab1, 21.Qg3, 21.c4, and 21.Rad1!?. The position appears equal after 21.Rab1,c4 or Rad1. 21.Qg3 deserves a closer look, but appears speculative. At bottom, 21.Nb4 seems playable, but a little counterintuitive. The Knight is positioned well at d5 and it's doing work there. It's not going to be easy to dislodge, certainly not without giving up the light-squared Bishop, and likely at the price of establishing a very powerful pawn at d5. There's no real threat to the rook on b2, which now at least visually seems hemmed in. In short, 21.Nb4 is not likely a good try in this position. (White probably doesn't lose the game, however, until 23.Rxd3?)

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