Feb 4, 2010

Gibtelcom Results: Lenderman the Fighter

As the first prize at Gibraltar cannot be shared, there was a four-player playoff among Adams, Gustafsson, Sandipan, and Vallejo Pons. Adams defeated Gustaffson in one semi-final, and Vallejo Pons won the other. Adams then defeated Vallejo Pons to take first. Kamsky and Lenderman also tied with 7.5 after the 10 rounds, but missed out on the playoff on tiebreaks. Lenderman gets the fighter's award. Of the 90 games played by those tied for first, only three games were lost, and two of those were by Lenderman. That says just as much, of course, about his number of wins. Had the tiebreak system rewarded victories as we see in some tournaments, Lenderman would have won the event. See his final round win below.

1GM Gustafsson, Jan7.5GERM26272769+1.88111½1½½1½½
2GM Adams, Michael7.5ENGM26942764+0.97111½1½½½1½
3GM Vallejo Pons, Francisco7.5ESPM27052726+0.3311½½½11½1½
4GM Sandipan, Chanda7.5INDM26222720+1.2911½1½1½½½1
5GM Kamsky, Gata7.5USAM26932719+0.3811½½1½1½½1
6GM Bacrot, Etienne7.5FRAM27132713+0.11½111½½½1½1
7GM Movsesian, Sergei7.5SVKM27082708+0.071½1½1½1½1½
8GM Geetha Narayanan Gopal7.5INDM25842656+0.9511½101½½11
9IM Lenderman, Alex7.5USAM25602652+1.3310111½1011

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